ProjectCards Screenshots

Here is a sneek preview of ProjetCards intuitive user interface. Simple and easy to use, it allows you to get control of your Agile team's succes FASTER !

Keep your team's progress up to date.

ProjectCards Dashboard
Monitor the progress of the current iteration with real-time updates. Use drag and drop to change the status of the cards! Ensure that your team is constantly working on the customer's most important needs.

Monitor your team's progress.

ProjectCards burndown
Monitor the progress of the current iteration, your current release or your entire project with our burndown chart.

Track the progress with a quick view of the tasks in the current iteration.

ProjectCards Taskboard
The Taskboard displays all the cards in the current iteration and lists the tasks which need to be accomplished. Use drag and drop to change the status of the tasks.

Edit multiple cards (user stories, tasks) at the same time.

card editor
Edit multiple cards simultaneously. Save implementation notes, set a required date and assign the card to a member of the team. Updates are broadcast to all users in real-time!

Plan entire project, releases or sprints using the simple drag and drop feature.

ProjectCards drag and drop
Use drag and drop to classify your user stories by themes (features) and then plan your project. Share this information amongst all members of the team: project manager, customer team, development team, quality assurance team, even management (Guest user licenses are unlimited and FREE!)

Edit the team's capacity.

ProjectCards velocity
ProjectCards enables you to indicate the capacity of the team for each iteration. ProjectCards lets you make future -- or past -- adjustments to the capacity (new team members, team reassignments, etc). Using the Automatic Load Balancing feature, watch how many iterations will be required to complete the required features. Use it for your What-if scenarios!

Create all the required tasks

ProjectCards tasks
Never lose track of important tasks! Use the Tasks tab to create Engineering Tasks or use it as a simple to-do list.

Edit the stories' conditions of success (C.O.S) or required acceptance tests.

ProjectCards acceptance tests
ProjectCards can also be used by the Customer and Quality Assurance teams! Document acceptance tests directly in the card. ProjectCards will automatically adjust the status of the card if a test has failed or if all tests have succeeded.

Manage and personalize users role.

ProjectCards manage roles
Use ProjectCards' project-by-project role-based user authorization schema to secure your precious data. Assign each user a built-in role or build your own custom roles, using the detailed function list.

Fit ProjectCards to your management needs.

ConfigureFields custom fields
You can extend the attributes of your cards with the Custom Fields feature. There is no limit on the number of fields you can add to your project, and there are many field types to choose from. For example, some teams that are developing a product for a number of customers will add a multi-select field listing all of their customers. They can then filter their cards by customer and generate reports for review.

Use filters to get custom views.

ProjectCards filters
The powerful filter facility helps you navigate through large projects. There are a number of pre-defined filters as well as filters that are dynamically generated based on your project's Custom Fields. Filters can be applied independently on the Themes view and the Planning view. The current filter is applied to reports that are generated.

Use ProjectCards as an Eclipse plugin.

ProjectCards Eclipse plug-in
Integrated Eclipse plug-in, you can run ProjectCards at every developer's workstation, right in the IDE.