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Releasing ProjectCards 2.7, Taskboard Now Included !

ProjectCards Taskboard

Hey guys,

we’re pleased to be launching the public release of ProjectCards 2.7 today ! This marks our fourth release in the past ten weeks. We are very proud of the rhythm at which we have been able to make our new features and improvement available to our customers.

ProjectCards 2.7 marks the introduction of a brand new view for your projects. Using our Scrum Template you now have access to these views :

  • Product Backlog
  • Planning
  • StoryBoard (For the current iteration)
  • TaskBoard(For the current iteration)

Of course, you still have access to your generated burnup and burndown charts.

Our new TaskBoard allows the entire team to keep track of the sprint’s progress at the task-level. As always, the display is updated in real time ! Meaning that when a teammate updates the status of a card, all of the other team members see it being changed live !

For a sneek peek of our new TaskBoard, checkout our screenshots. Of course, the best way to enjoy our new TaskBoard is to give ProjectCards 2.7 a try.

Stay tuned for ProjectCards 2.8 that will include the tasks burndown and burnup charts!

The ProjectCards team.

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