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Announcing our Partnership with Pyxis.

PyxisHey folks,

as you might of noticed,  since the end of this spring, ProjectCards has completely redesigned its website, it has been releasing more and more frequently and has been even more involved in the Agile community.

A lot of this was made possible by a partnership we have made earlier this year with Pyxis Technologies. Pyxis has been a great partner thus far, lending us a great hand in sharing their thorough knowledge and experience with Agile methodologies. They have also helped us kick start our marketing skills which were greatly lacking. Finally, many of Pyxis’ team members, myself included, have contributed to making ProjectCards a better product.

In return, ProjectCards is giving Pyxis another tool in their Agile project management tools arsenal alongside UrbanTurtle which is geared towards Microsoft’s TFS market.

Having proved its place in the Agile market for the past 5 years, ProjectCards also solidifies Pyxis’ pioneer stand in the Agile community since it was started by current Pyxis employees over 6 years ago. This was done at a time when most people in the industry were not even aware that Agile methodologies existed.

Where will this partnership take us ? Who knows ? Maybe Pyxis will recreate GreenHopper’s success story once more. Stay tuned to find out, it should be a heck of a ride.

Nicholas on behalf of the entire ProjectCards team.

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