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Issue with our 2.6 release.

Hey folks,

long story short. We messed up part of our 2.6 release we publicized Monday. Sorry about that. We’re releasing as a fix as we speak. The issue was discovered earlier this morning and had been introduced in our packaging since last Friday.

As far as the technical details go :

  • We run our automated tests against our build before we launch our private release
  • We obfuscate our code and package the whole thing and ship our private release to our beta testing sites
  • Our testing sites use it for at least a week
  • If they give us a go, we make it public
  • Even with all of these precautions, a bug slipped through. It seems our test site had almost stopped using our server side reporting recently. A new file that was required in the server-side reports was not included in the obfuscated package.

We’re sorry about all the trouble this might have caused. Coming from this experience we now have these action points to address:

  • We need to figure out a way to automatically test out our obfuscated build
  • We need more thorough testing from our test sites
  • As a bonus, we’ve learned that our reporting features were underused by our close customers. We need to sit down with them and figure out why.

Once again, sorry about the trouble. This release process is also a learning process.

- The entire ProjectCards team.

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