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Welcome to ProjectCards blog.This is the place we can have a closer contact with you, the ProjectCards users. We highly encourage you to give us as much feedback as possible.This blog is yours !

Even our non-buyers love ProjectCards !

Hey guys,

a couple of weeks ago we started gathering massive customer feedback from our customer base. Actually, we went so far as to search for every potential customer we ever met and who ever downloaded ProjectCards without buying it and plainly asked them this question : “What did you think of ProjectCards ?”.

The reception we got was somewhat surprising. A LOT of people we had not heard of in years gave us some very candid and useful feedback on our application. A few people really did not like our products. That happens. However, a LOT of non-buyers actually LOVED our products. It just missed a little something to make a match between us.

We actually learned a lot from this whole activity. We also had a great time exchanging with you guys.

We’d like to thank everyone who gave us feedback. We’ll do the best we can to include your suggestions in the upcoming releases.

For the curious, here are a few quotes we got from people who did not even buy ProjectCards :

“We found ProjectCards extremely useful in planning our small project. If I were to end up in another Eclipse-based project that warranted such planning and activity management, I’d certainly recommend we use ProjectCards.”

“I really appreciate your continuous follow up with customers too, cause it
present your good and professional work.”

“We used ProjectCards at the start of one project. The project developers and management were very happy with it, but ….
sadly, our company standardized on [...]. We’re not as happy with it.”

“I was happy with the product. I used it at my last job. At my current position, they have chosen to use[...]”

“I think we are overall quite fine with it. We found the
burndown charts not that straight forward to understand. I guess that’s it.”

“Our biggest need was for a web tool. Sorry.”

“I really like your product, ProjectCards. I downloaded it with the intent to use to keep track of one man show projects.[...] Seeing that I only intend on one person using the product then there seem no overwhelming to purchase it.”

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